Kansallinen ilmastolaki lisää kansainvälisen ilmastopolitiikan onnistumisen mahdollisuuksia

Ilmastolaista keskustellessa jotkin tahot esittävät usein, että Suomen tulisi keskittyä mieluummin kansainvälisen politiikan edistämiseen. Suomen ilmastolakia käsittelevää kansainvälistä uutisointia ja kirjoittelua läpikäydessä kuitenkin huomaa, että kansalliset toimet nostattavat toivoa ja motivaatiota ilmastotoimiin myös muualla.

Tässä esimerkkejä siitä, miten ilmastolaki on otettu maailmalla vastaan:



Agora Parl 11.6.2014: Denmark set to approve new climate change law

”Last week, Finland became the latest country to announce a new Climate Change Act, which will inscribe a 2050 emissions reduction target of 80% into law. —

A recent study by GLOBE International and CDKN found that there was a correlation between strong climate change legislation and high ambition at international climate talks.

Christiana Figueres, head of the UN’s climate body, said that legislation was key in carrying forward a “clean revolution”.

She said: “Domestic legislation is critical because it is the linchpin between action on the ground and the international agreement.”


BusinessGreen 6.6.2014: Finland becomes latest country to pass national Climate Change Act

”The move comes as legislators from around the world this week gather in Mexico to discuss a blueprint for how national climate legislation could enable a new international agreement on climate change.

It also provides further momentum for the UN’s long-running climate change negotiations, which continued this week at the latest round of talks in Bonn. The UN process has received a series of boosts in recent months as the US, China, and Mexico all moved forward with ambitious new climate policies, fuelling hopes that some form of international accord could be reached at the crucial UN summit in Paris next year.”


RTCC 6.6.2014: Finland reveals new climate change laws

”Finland joins the UK, Denmark, Ireland, South Korea, Mexico and Vietnam as countries which have legally binding carbon targets.

Around 400 MPs are meeting in Mexico City this week to try and boost those numbers. National laws are expected to underpin any future UN climate agreement.

Tasneem Essop, leader of WWF’s UN climate negotiating team at UN talks Bonn welcomed the news.

“The announcement by Finland is timely, demonstrates leadership and commitment. It should send a strong signal to other countries to also act urgently and contribute to the global effort to fight climate change.””


EcoNews 9.6.2014: Finland climate law cuts emissions by 80% by 2050

”Essentially, the law, which is closely modelled on Britain’s Climate change Act, obliges Finland to reduce its emissions by 80 per cent by the year 2050.

In addition, it clarifies the distribution of responsibilities between various authorities in drafting climate policy and prescribes that a detailed report on the progress of the adaptation effort be presented to the Parliament annually.”


TckTckTck 11.6.2014: Finland becomes latest country to unveil climate change law 

”Finland will join a host of countries, including the UK, Ireland, South Korea, Mexico and Vietnam in setting legally binding carbon targets

The most recent country to join the ranks of those implementing national legislation is Denmark, where a climate change bill is set to pass into law this week.”


Energy Live News 11.6.2014 Finland ‘commits to 80% emissions cut by 2050′

”Samantha Smith, Leader of WWF’s Global Climate and Energy Initiative welcomed the announcement: “Yet another country has shown new, national commitment to act on climate change. Finland’s long term goal is a step in the right direction and will be an example for many others.”


Triple Pundit 11.6.2014 Finland Aims for 80 Percent Emissions Cuts with New Climate Act

”Characteristic of climate change policy debates in the U.S. and around the world, concerns about the possibility that enacting strong greenhouse gas emissions reductions initiatives would hinder economic growth were paramount in the political deadlock in Finland. Proponents of taking stronger, longer term actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate and adapt to climate change eventually won out.

Countering such contentions, Energy Minister Niinsto stated, “In fact, this is an opportunity for Finnish industries. It’s a breakthrough that so many sectors seek to address these issues. We will commit to the emissions cuts cost-effectively in order to ensure that the economy thrives and the well-being of citizens increases.”


WWF blog 5.6.2014: Finland’s new climate change act – Will it deliver?

”For years it would have been hard to call Finland the most enthusiastic of European countries when it comes to climate action. Not that they made a habit of causing trouble, but they were by and large content to be carried along by the general trends. But today they’ll announce a new climate change act that is expected to put into law a long-term mitigation target of 80 percent emissions reduction by 2050 (they appear to have forgotten the EU range ’80 to 95%’ for the moment, but this is a good starting point).​”


ThinkProgress 11.6.2014:  Finland Sets New, Ambitious Goal For Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emissions

”So Finland’s new target adds to the momentum from Denmark, which adds to the momentum in the E.U. government, which all joins in with the United States’ new regulatory target, as well as intimations from China that the government there may be considering a cap on carbon emissions as well. And hopefully, everyone can egg each other on to a final international agreement in 2015.”


Sustainable Business 12.6.2014: Climate Legislation Sweeps Across Latin America, Scandinavia

“These developments are giving people hope that a world treaty can finally – and desperately – be realized at the all-important UN Climate Summit in 2015, which takes place in Paris.”